Despite the Jewish people being indigenous to the Middle East, many Jews have during the last two centuries started to identify themselves as belonging to the West. As this phenomenon took root in the decades leading up to the reestablishment of Jewish independence, it has resulted in an identity crisis for the young State of Israel that has prevented us from successfully gaining acceptance from our neighbors or agreeing on the type of society we hope to build.

Alternative Action views Israel’s contrived Western identity as a major contributor to hostilities between Jews and other natives of the region as it strengthens core anti-Israel accusations and fosters within Israeli society a chauvinistic attitude toward the Arab peoples.

In order for Israel to arrive at a situation of peace – both internally and externally – the Jewish people must come to terms with, accept and proudly display our unique and authentic Semitic identity.

Alternative Action advocates a conscious Israeli embrace of our authentic Semitic culture as a remedy for most of the challenges currently facing our nation, from peace and security to social issues and the relationship between religion and state. By viewing ourselves as an organic part of the Middle East rather than as an isolated bastion of foreign values, we can break down the walls separating us from our neighbors and build an authentically Hebrew society able to coexist harmoniously with the other peoples of our region.