Alternative Action views conflict between the Jewish people and other natives of the Middle East as an unnatural situation brought about by external forces. Because the closest people in the world to the Jews are the other indigenous peoples of our region, we strive for unity and peace as an ideal stemming from our belief that the Semitic peoples are brothers bonded together by common culture, ancestry and values.

For this reason we have initiated programs to advance dialogue between the Jewish people and other indigenous peoples of the Middle East. Our grassroots efforts are primarily led by Israeli Jews and Palestinians seeking to live together in brotherhood and mutual respect despite the inability of our political leaders to achieve peace. The fact that we are destined to live together for many years compels us to understand that it is not only desirable but also imperative that we forge the necessary friendships that will enable us to build a better future together.

Alternative Action is not a political movement and does not presume to offer conclusive solutions or to formulate peace agreements. Instead, we work to advance dialogue and joint projects in education, culture, road safety and the environment in the hopes of creating a tangible change that will foster peace between peoples at the grassroots level that can flourish from the bottom up.